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Sarah Meyers

I have had regular acupuncture sessions with Sue for my Migraines which I've suffered with for over 30 years. They got so bad I was having them weekly and taking a cocktail of medication which didn't help. I was so desperate I would try anything. I tried acupuncture and to be honest I was a bit skeptical, but my goodness the difference has been life changing for me. and I've been migraine free for approximately 3months now. Big thank you to Sue she has been amazing, very caring and supportive throughout the whole experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone it could seriously change your life like it has mine.

Michelle Field

I saw Sue for treatment for anxiety after suffering a breakdown. Sue was very patient with me and had a willingness to help. I would recommend Sue for acupuncture as it really helped me and I wouldn't hesitate to go back for more treatments if I feel the need. Thanks so much Sue for helping me get back on track!

Kathleen Shaw

I decided on facial acupuncture as a good way to achieve a non-invasive face lift. I was so pleased to find Sue at Mason Acupuncture and I am very happy with the results. And it has helped my self-esteem. I definitely recommend Sue as an acupuncturist for her professionalism and her kindness.

Rachel Cornfield

Sue was great, I went to her for extra help/support with my fertility issues as well as being under the hospital. I wanted to try anything extra that could possibly work. Sue made me feel at ease sharing my issues with her, she listened and offered the best course of treatment. I only had a few appointments and now I’m 15 weeks pregnant . Thanks for all your help Sue. Definitely recommend Sue.

Illgen Beaton

Back in 2021, I suffered from tennis elbow and after 2 sessions with an osteopath, I decided to give acupuncture a go and found Sue. She was brilliant, very friendly and did a great job, after 3-4 sessions my elbow improved so much and I can safely say that it's been cured as I haven't had any discomfort for a year now. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Sue.

Angie F Bell

I first started having treatments with Sue when she was a student at the college at East Grinstead . I stopped going to the college when she said she was starting her own business to come to her . I continued with her at her own clinic, because I wanted continuity of care. She’s a very bubbly character, kind , patient and always welcoming. My several ailments are long term and therefore hard to treat but she is determined to make a difference to my well being. I enjoy my visits to her.

Mrs S Wiseman

Have been visiting Mason Acupuncture for about 6 weeks, I have a problem with my Inner Ear ( Vestibular Dysfunction ) as each week goes by the symptoms are settling and I am feeling better in myself, look and feel healthier.

Dieter Kerschbaumer

Having been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, I was recommended by a friend to see Sue for acupuncture. Initially my condition was very bad, with severe head pains and having little-to-no movement in the right-side of my face. However the results I received from Sue’s treatments were incredible, great improvements following each session and making a recovery much quicker than I initially anticipated. Her friendly approach and knowledge in acupuncture has brought me back to full health and re-installed my confidence. Couldn’t be more thankful, definitely recommend!

Lizzie Porter

I had been suffering severe neck & back pain after a riding fall 3 years ago, excruciating headaches daily. I survived on 8-10 painkillers a day & looked into Acupuncture, it was the best thing I ever did! I have had 6 sessions with Sue @ Mason Acupuncture & I am virtually cured! I am now on a maintenance programme & take painkillers rarely. Thanks to Sue, I would recommend anyone to try!

Sandra Beaman

As a nutritional therapist I thought nutrition alone (and some exercise) could cure everything. After experiencing several months of stomach problems I managed to get it back to about 90% but could not get the last 10% no matter what I tried. I felt something was not balanced. I went to see Sue to try acupuncture and after only two sessions my body seemed to be completely rebalanced and my problem gone. I learned that we all need to work together to heal people. Sue put me at ease the minute I met her. A really nice and friendly lady. Thank you Sue.

Jane Spratt

I went to Sue with intense neck/shoulder pain radiating into my arm. Sue was caring,patient and thorough on each occasion i had a treatment. After a couple of treatments I was much more mobile, driving again and the pain much less. I only needed a couple more sessions before the pain had gone and my mobility back to normal. I would thoroughly recommend Sue and will certainly go to her again if I have any other aches and pains. Thanks Sue for all your help…….

Julie Nesbitt

I was waking in pain with tennis elbows I started going to see Sue November 2018 and now I have hardly any pain at all. Sue is a lovely gentle caring person I have lots of other medical problems so Sue will work through them for me this year. I highly recommend Sue

Debbie Demir

Sue – thank you so much for sorting my sons migraines … how lucky was he that it worked so quick ?? you are a star – see you soon … I will be along soon for an MOT for my self

Amy Stratton Jones

Sue really helped me when my neck went into spasm. A couple of treatments and I was right as rain again!

Linsdey Murphy

I really cannot thank you enough !!. I had been suffering with tennis elbow for months. Nothing from the doctor helped ,so coming to see you was the very best decision I could have made. Just THREE treatments and the pain has gone !!! Its a shame that so many doctors do not suggest acupuncture to patients how have been or are suffering pain, I have every faith in it.

Monday – Friday 09:30-18:00

Saturday and Sunday – CLOSED

07565 620659

7 Old Tye Avenue Biggin Hill

Westerham KENT TN16 3LY